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February 03, 2018


Nomadic Tools For Intentions and Meditation.

Over the years I have really admired my nomadic friends who seem to bring a sense of home and practices with them.  My friend, Nicole of Spontanenous Atelier, has really inspired me in the sense of creating altars where ever she is.  I have seen her set them up as an offering at group weekend gatherings, at her natural dye workshops, and in our bell tent at the Oregon Eclipse Festival. And of course at each home she has stayed in between.

Spontaneuos Atelier Altar

It has reminded me to take the time to create my own altars even though I feel like I am always moving and living half unpacked. Travelling an hour or to school four times a week, means I have spent much time in my car, so to connect me with the forests that I feel most at home in, and to create a more peaceful vibe in my car, I have created a dash altar.

Dash Altar Zen Nomad

And at home I have a beautiful space that I finally set up that holds my mediation space and sounding instruments with the nurturing of plants around, my sage burning bowl and candles.  

This beautiful practice of creating a space for representations or symbolic items that hold connections to the intentions you are bringing into your life is grounding and connective to your inner spirit. Its a place that holds a sacred energy for you to meditate, give thanks, or to bring together the intentions of yourself or of a group.  It is a tool that provides a spaciousness for bringing the sacred and ritual into the ordinary, to connect us with our higher spirit and purpose.  Ritual is what separates us from just moving day to day to actually being intentionally present in our life.

My friend, Veronica from Isola Jewellery, has created the beautiful Movable Altar, which we are lucky enough to have a limited few available on Zen Nomad. 

Isola Moveable Altar

The inspiration came to her through her own travels, she brings a group of sacred items with her to help with feeling grounded and at home where ever she is and realized that others might appreciate something beautiful to help them connect while travelling too. 

"No matter how long my stay, I always create a small sacred space that makes me feel at home and grounded no matter where I am, as well as creating a kind of portal between the divine and my current location" Veronica

I love these beautiful Movable Altars, includes a triple wrap wrist mala, some beautiful unique crystals ( blue topaz, smokey quartz, shungite, and crystal sphere), affirmations, linen altar cloth, incense, beeswax tea candle, all packed in a lovely compact box. They provide a small sacred space to meditate and a portal to the divine where ever you are, whether you are going on a retreat, travelling with your lover or family, or off on a business trip.  We all know the benefit of taking a moment to ground and connect with our inner self.

Taking the time, to create a space or moment to sit and focus your energy on the intentions you would like to bring out in your life and the inner magic you would like to bring forth, helps to bring an uplifted perspective and an empowered sense of self as you take the time to nurture your spirit.

Some other items that I enjoy as travelling touch points for the intentions and messages they carry with me, are the Ananda Ring by Mindful Necessities and the Bangles with pages of inspiration.

Mindful Necessities Ananda Ring Inspirational Quotes

The Ananda ring has a quote written on it by the creatrix, Gisele, that says 

May you find inspiration and meaning
soaked in the wonders of imagination
cradled in compassion of heart
and hold a will
to make a difference.
When I read that, I say Yes!, that is how I would like to move through the day.  The Pages have words like Magic, In Wild Places, Gratitude, With Love, so yes those are beautiful little reminders of what presence I would like to carry with me into the world too. 
Inspirational quotes Sterling Silver Bangles
Perfect for a life that is moving around a lot, but infused with reminders of what is important. So no matter where you are, you have your touch points and spaces that help you forge out a breath of reminder to connect to your inner peace and intentions.
You probably even have items that have special meaning to you that would be a better reminder out on your altar then tucked away in a drawer.  With creating sacred spaces a habit and daily part of your life, no matter what is happening, can be helpful in helping you feel that you are a part of co-creating with the Universe the life that you are here to create, rather then feeling like you are being propelled through life without time for yourself.   



Sonja den Elzen
Sonja den Elzen


Sonja is a designer, yogi and lover of nature, always in the constant transformation of living the connected life.

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