Holiday Gifts and Experiences

December 16, 2019

Holiday Gift ideas

Gift giving over the holidays, it can take on many perspectives.  One of pressure, rushing, obligation... Or we can choose to enter the season with an opportunity to think of the ones we love and how we can gift a little thoughtful magic into their lives. 

Giving gifts with thought and love, is a meditation on the person, what would bring them a feeling of being seen and appreciated.  So look at what their hobbies are, what kind of things light them up joyfully, compassionately, what are their values, what do they appreciate about others, experiences, design.  Are they mindful about the environment, do they appreciate meeting the makers and craftspersons of what they buy, do they have a particular style.  What kind of experience to they feel nourished by?  Gathering with family, rock climbing, skiing, yoga, retreats, festivals, dinner with friends, learning new skills, sports, games, crafts, mindfulness?  If you are participating in gifting this season, take some time to meditate on the person you are gifting and what lights them up.

Another thing to think about is.... a lot of money gets spend on the holidays, why not find local makers and experience providers to celebrate within your community, the people who keep our communities and cultural experiences unique and personal.

Here are some gift ideas for the mindfulness lover, the yogi or movement person, the retreat lover, the seeker, the one who is looking to or needing to nourish them selves, the plant lover, the environmentalist, the social impact appreciator, the lover of grace and comfort.


Here our lightweight,naturally plant dyed linen Leaf Cardi is great for dressing up a casual out fit.  It's also great for those who tend to get hot, but still want coverage.

Shown here with the Linen Delphine cowl neck tank top.

Linen Cardigan



For the yoga lover who loves nature and plants ~ hemp organic cotton with stretch High Waist Leggings, naturally dyed and eco printed with leaves. Shown with the super comfortable and ever loved Asymmetrical Yoga Bra.

For the beach Goddess in your life...The Goddess Dress, perfect over leggings or over the swimsuit.  Hello dancing on the beach!


For the hard worker who wants to up level causal Fridays or also likes to play, these Unisex Crossover Pant are tailored organic cotton with stretch pants, look like a dress pant but are as comfortable as a jogging pant.


For the man who likes to be stylish, ethical and with a little bit of edge, a super soft organic cotton T shirt with an asymmetrical neck line.


also Gift certificates are great gifts for giving people the freedom to choose.

Gift Certicficates

Or for acupuncture or Shiatsu treatments in Toronto or Muskoka email Sonja at 


We also offer gift certificates to our Cedar healing Arts centre for group retreats, personal wellness retreats (which is like checking into a wellness bed and breakfast for a few days for healthy food, yoga and bodywork)

personal wellness retreat

Would your loved one benefit from some time off, some self care time? The Personal Wellness retreats at Cedar Healing Arts offer 

3 or more days of immersed care and solo reflection time, with comfortable sleeping accommodations, delicious, whole food vegetarian/vegan meals per day, daily yoga and meditation practices to support any inner work and foster a sense of body, breath and spirit connection and wellness spa/body work treatments. In the evenings  sink into a deeply relaxing yin yoga practice followed by a crystal singing bowl sound journey.  

These retreats happen at regular intervals throughout the year.


Or better yet how about treating you and your mother, partner, daughter, friend, father on one of our group retreats?

January Retreat Muskoka

Dreaming the New Year Retreat with Sonja - Yoga, Mediation, & Vision Boarding  jan 10-12th, 2020

Qi Gong Retreat

Qigong, Meditation and Movement retreat with Claire and Sonja April 23 - 27th, 202


Yoga, Meditation and Natural Plant Dye Retreat with Sonja May 29-31st, 2020 


Do you have a yogi or meditator would loves the environment?  These beautiful bolster and meditation cushions from Canadian made and designed HUM, are beautiful in any home, are organic cotton and organic stuffing, which makes getting into meditation and restorative poses with them comfortable and non toxic(which is especially nice when you are in childs pose folded over with your face in a bolster :) They also have some pretty beautiful gift sets going at the moment!

bolsters and mediation cushions


Well enjoy the holidays and time with your loved ones!

So much love to you all!


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Fit Guide

Use the instructions below to find your size in Zen Nomad products. Please get a measuring tape and measure yourself according to the diagram to ensure correct size.

**If an item does not follow this size chart a special note will be added to the product description.

Women's Size Chart

             XSMALL (2) SMALL (4/6) MEDIUM (8) LARGE (10) XLARGE (12)
BUST 30-32" 32-34" 36" 38" 40"
WAIST 24-25" 25-27" 28" 30" 32"
HIP 35" 36-37" 39" 40" 42"

***for the unisex crossover pant a small (4)woman would be an xxs  and an small (6) would be xs.


Men's Size Chart

             XSMALL (28) SMALL (30) MEDIUM (32) LARGE (34) XLARGE (36)
SHOULDER 16.5-17"
17-17 3/4"
17 3/4-18 1/4" 18 1/4-19" 19-19 3/4"
CHEST 34-36" 36-38" 38-40" 40-42" 42-44"
WAIST 27-29" 29-31" 31-33" 33-35" 35-37"


How to Measure

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust. Keep tape comfortably loose.
Waist: Measure around the natural waist line – generally the smallest part of your waist. Your natural waist line is located where the body creases when bending to the side.
Hip: Keep feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hip.
Inseam: Measure from crotch to hem line.

Still have questions about sizing, please email us!