The Ultimate Packing List for a Fall Weekend Getaway.

October 25, 2015

Retreat packing list


Weekend Getaways!

We love weekend getaways, a time to connect with nature and peacefully immerse in our practice, fostering self care, reflection and of course, gathering with wonderful people with similar intentions.

We put together our Ultimate Packing List for a fall weekend getaway to ensure a weekend of cozy comfort for our weekend of unplugging and tuning in (self-care)!


Ultimate Packing List

Overnight bag - Badlands - The Royal Tenenbag is perfect for our weekend carrying needs.

Badlands Weekender Bag

A few yoga outfits, because you know you will want comfortable movement (lounging movement) when you are not doing yoga too!  

Zen Nomad High Waist Legging, Asymmetrical Yoga Bra, Rhythm Ruche Leggings, Origin Yoga Tank, Delphine Linen Top and our Downwarddog Yoga Studio Tank

Zen Nomad Delphine top

Yoga mat - we love Manduka, it's a yogi favourite around here. They have a great travel light mat that goes great with the yoga mat blanket....

Yoga towel -  on the mat or to wipe your brow with all those sun salutations! 

Outdoor hand cream - Matter: outdoors - their hand cream will keep you moist from the dry fall air and protects you naturally from the elements, as you wander and explore natures beautiful fall forests.

biodegradable soap - Matter: outdoors - not only does it smell so lovely it also cuts grease while protecting your skin's natural oils.  And of course we want to be thoughtful of our effects on nature while we are enjoying its pristine beauty. biodegradable = earth friendly and we love that.

all heal salve - Matter: outdoors - it's like a little first aid love in a hardcore ointment -  for cuts and scrapes, or just plain anything that needs a little love. with comfrey, burdock, chickweed, plantain, chamomile as just a few of it's super healing power ingredients, we carry this with us in our bag all the time.  It even works great as an impromptu lip gloss ;)

heat rub for muscles - Matter: outdoors - ok so when you wake up with sore muscles because you haven't done yoga in a while, just rub this wonder for all yogis into the area you are feeling it and let the heat from cayenne, ginger, eucalyptus, camphor and peppermint to name a few of the awesome ingredients, sooth your muscles.

The Barber's Daughter Mala

A beautiful Mala - The Barber's Daughter has some pretty beautiful and infused with intention hand crafted mala's that will support your meditation practice, count and follow your breath, chants or prayers. It helps us quiet the mental chatter, focus and bring attention to our minds and have a keen appreciation for all that is.

Cozy sweater - a definite must 

Comfortable cottage slippers

A journal : this is a great time to tune into the space that just lets you flow, write what ever is on your mind, take note of what inspires you over the weekend, and intentions you would like to take with you. 

An inspiring book : find a read that inspires and supports you in the intentions you would like to move into your life.

Warm socks, a scarf and toque : a cozy neck, head and feet goes a long way for being super warm and comfortable in cottage like settings.

Cozy, comfortable pants: Zen Nomad- the Unisex Crossover Pant for men or women, lounge in style, be able to move, stretch in anyway. You are away to let loose, so you might as well have some clothing that lets you do that.

Long sleeve top - Zen Nomad: Elvin Top  this light weight top it great to layer over your yoga outfit or to wear as a long sleeve layer under or over your layers.

Your favorite crystals and maybe a nice candle - bring things that help you create a special space, what ever is going to feel calming and centering to you.


Some really great looking weekend retreats for this fall 

 A great retreat run by Cecily Milne is the Lake of Bays Fall Wellness Weekend October 30- Nov 1

"Join Cecily Milne and her team of wellness enthusiasts for a weekend of yoga, gourmet dining and relaxation. Twice daily yoga classes, outdoor hikes, health and movement seminars, along with meditation and evening discussions related to yoga and wellness. Throughout the weekend, you will enjoy holistic, organic meals designed to rejuvenate and nourish body and soul."


The Sacred Heart Yoga Retreat with Darren Austin HallAli Stark & Mara Richardson  at the wondrous Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre for a combination of crystal healing bowl sounds, yoga and qi gong  November 6-8


For a more restorative weekend there is Rest & Reconnect: A weekend of Restorative Yoga with Joshua Lewis  Nov 20-22, 2015, Shanti Retreat Centre – Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

"This retreat is suitable for all levels and includes four restorative yoga classes, evening gathering, five wholesome and delicious meals, accommodation, time to reflect, connect and enjoy Shanti’s amenities."


Photos by House of Bonas 

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Fit Guide

Use the instructions below to find your size in Zen Nomad products. Please get a measuring tape and measure yourself according to the diagram to ensure correct size.

**If an item does not follow this size chart a special note will be added to the product description.

Women's Size Chart

             XSMALL (2) SMALL (4/6) MEDIUM (8) LARGE (10) XLARGE (12)
BUST 30-32" 32-34" 36" 38" 40"
WAIST 24-25" 25-27" 28" 30" 32"
HIP 35" 36-37" 39" 40" 42"

***for the unisex crossover pant a small (4)woman would be an xxs  and an small (6) would be xs.


Men's Size Chart

             XSMALL (28) SMALL (30) MEDIUM (32) LARGE (34) XLARGE (36)
SHOULDER 16.5-17"
17-17 3/4"
17 3/4-18 1/4" 18 1/4-19" 19-19 3/4"
CHEST 34-36" 36-38" 38-40" 40-42" 42-44"
WAIST 27-29" 29-31" 31-33" 33-35" 35-37"


How to Measure

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust. Keep tape comfortably loose.
Waist: Measure around the natural waist line – generally the smallest part of your waist. Your natural waist line is located where the body creases when bending to the side.
Hip: Keep feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hip.
Inseam: Measure from crotch to hem line.

Still have questions about sizing, please email us!